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Инструкция по лепке снеговиков

Оригинал взят у mastino_odessa в Инструкция по лепке снеговиков
Зима вступила в свои права Снег есть, дети сидят дома из за отмененных занятий, значит можно приступать к традиционным зимним забавам. Одна из таких забав - лепка снеговиков. Но лепить стандартные шарики с морковками - носами уже давно всем неинтересно.
Эта подборка подскажет вам, как должны выглядеть настоящие снеговики!

This snowman, who had to fight through zombies to get to class.

This snowman, who realized he slept through his exam.

This snowman lit professor, who doesn't enjoy the poetic justice.
This hungover snowman, who knows drinking water just won't help.

This snowman, who thought doing a headstand would help him remember better.

These snowpeople, who have to give a 10 minute presentation... Inside.

This embarrassed couple, caught while trying to unwind after a hard day studying.

This snowwoman, who made the mistake of joining a wet t-shirt contest.

This snowman, who can never fit into his desk.
This snowman, who knows he's going to be branded as a monster for indulging in just one small study snack.

This snowman, who popped a blood vessel from all the stress.

This snowman, who is literally drowning in his anxiety.

This snowman, who didn't imagine any harm would come from procrastinating.

This snowman, who threw out his back lugging so many textbooks.

This snowman, who took studying for his Shakespeare exam a little too seriously.

This snowmen, who's having a hard time thinking positively.

This snowman, who lives in constant fear on campus.

This snowman, who knows in his gut that he isn't ready.

This snowwoman, who regrets helping her friend study for pre-med.

This snowman, who no one wants to study with.

This snowman, who meant to have just one beer before his exam.

And this snowman, who just couldn't anymore.

Воспользуйтесь этими советами, и тогда ваш снеговик произведет по настоящему сногшибательный эффект!

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